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Potential Warning Signs to Look for when Checking in on Older Loved Ones During the Holidays

It is not uncommon for families to be separated by great distances.  Often during the holidays we have the opportunity to visit with loved ones and re-connect through sharing old memories and beginning new traditions.  The holidays are also a good time to check in with loved ones and friends to observe how they are coping with health conditions and to ensure their safety and well-being.  Central Plains Area Agency on Aging encourages long distance caregivers, family and friends to take time during the busy holiday season to notice if things have changed in the lives’ of older loved ones.  

Potential Warning Signs to Look for when Checking in on Older Loved Ones During the Holidays


SHICK Counselors Help Seniors and Caregivers through the Complicated Medicare Maze

For many seniors the thought of sifting through the many Medicare plans can be a daunting and complicated process.  With the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) beginning earlier this year many seniors are caught off guard by the earlier timeframe they and are forced to deal with Medicare Part D earlier than in years past.  With the overwhelming amount of ads, information in letters, and suggestions from friends and family it can become confusing and difficult to sift through the many options.  Luckily there are 479 specially trained Senior Health Insurance Counselor volunteers throughout the state of Kansas that can help with the Medicare Maze.

SHICK Counselors Help Seniors and Caregivers through the Complicated Medicare Maze


The Many Faces of Caregiving

There are many faces of caregiving.  Nearly one out of every four U.S. households is involved with caregiving (23% or 22.4 million households).  Caregivers are necessary for family members of all ages.  There are more than 44 million caregivers providing care to an adult family member of age 18 or older and of these, 79% are caring for someone over the age of 50.  Regardless of what a caregiver does to provide support for someone, they are a caregiver and need and deserve support and assistance and current information to make decisions about their loved one's care.  

The Many Faces of Caregiving


Mature Media Award Winning Series on Livable Communities

CPAAA is one of the 2011 Mature Media Award winners.  The Livable Communities four part series of articles was submitted for this award.  This series received a merit award for publications submitted by a government agency.  


Livable Communities Part 1, 2, 4


Avoid Hot Weather Health Emergencies

As temperatures rise in July and August so do the number of older adults at risk for heat exposure, heat stroke, and other heat related illnesses.  According to the NOAA National Weather Service the average number of heat related death or emergencies in a normal years is 175.  In 2001 over 300 people died from excessive heat exposure, more than the combined number of fatalities from other weather related incidents such as hurricanes, tornados, flood, and lightening that year.  Heat related illness and death are preventable so please take a few minutes to learn about signs and symptoms that could avoid a hot weather health emergency.  

Avoid Hot Weather Health Emergencies